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Flange adapter is used in flanged pipelines such as water supply, industrial water, and sewage. It facilitates assembly and disassembly of pipeline equipments including valves, pumps, and flow meters. Also, with its flexibility, it absorbs slight expansion and contraction, angular displacement, thermal stress, and vibration.

Our flange adaptor has double pipe structure, and there is a seal between the adaptor body (the socket) and the spigot pipe or the flange spigot (the spigot).There are two types of flange adaptors made of steel; the FADS-S type with S type rubber ring and the FADS-K type with K type rubber ring. There are also two types made of ductile iron. The FADS-DT is a short face-to-face adaptor, and the FADS-DTR is FADS-DT with connecting bolts.

  • 1.Expansion

    The spigot inserted in the socket enables an expansion.

  • 2.Flexibility

    The gap between the spigot and the socket makes an appropriate bending angle achievable.

  • 3.Torsion

    The spigot is 360°rotatable sliding in a circumferential direction.