We contribute to the progress of world water system.

The higher performance polyethylene pipes for water supply are bonded together by electro fusion to form an integrated pipe line. In this way, the fusion bonded PE pipeline accommodates seismic motion of ground and shows high earthquake resistance performance. It is confirmed from its pullout test that our joint for PE pipe has the retention performance no less than a fusion bonded PE pipe.

Our joint for PE pipe adopts the mechanical joint system using a gland, a wedge ring, an inner core, a rubber ring, and T-bolts and its joint system has the anchor ability.

  • 1.Excellent Jointing Strength

    Inner core prevents diameter reduction and partial bite on the pipe.

  • 2.High water-tightness

    Special packing(rubber ring) with a lip ensures high water-tightness.

  • 3.Easy installation

    The joint is installable without disassembling by simply inserting pipe and tightening bolts.

  • 4.Standard

    Conformed to PTC G30