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Divided TeeWithout valve


1.A valve conforming to standards shall be attached on the branch for actual use.

2.There are ductile made type and steel made type according to nominal diameter of the main pipe.

3.It suits even for branching in large diameter or the same diameter at the main.

  • Applicable pipe / Type
  • For casting iron pipe(Whole packing pipe)
  • For casting iron pipe(Branch packing pipe)
  • For steel pipe
  • For PVC pipe(Branch packing type)
  • For Asbestos pipe(Whole packing type)
  • For Asbestos pipe(Branch packing type)
  • For Polyethlene(Whole packing type)

ST softCosmo Valve ST Type


1.ST soft is a resilient seated valve type product in the group in the popular cosmo valves ST type for branch work under pressure.(Conforming to JWWA B 120)

2.It is available as a permanent valve after work.

3.It’s economical because it’s available both for the work and for the permanent use.

4.Both inside and outside of the product are painted by epoxy resin powder paint which is highly anti corrosive. (The steel made tee is painted by NCK paint.)

5.It can be used for various pipes including a iron pipe.

  • Joint type
  • For casting iron pipe(Whole packing pipe)
  • For casting iron pipe(Branch packing pipe)
  • For PVC・Steel pipe(Branch packing type)
  • For Asbestos pipe
    (Whole packing type)(Branch packing type)

Plug 3 TypeWork under pressure temporary valve installation method


1.It is available to be installed on the main under pressure at will.

2.A whole section of the main is not bored, but only the top of the pipe is bored to insert the plug,so it’s time saving.<

3.Hydrostatic test after the installation of the tee on the main proves the safety.

4.The tee maintains the original pipe strength of the main.

5.The plug can be removed on demand, so maintenance and control are easy.

  • Applicable pipe / Type
  • For casting iron pipe(millimeter)
  • For casting iron pipe(inch)
  • For Steel pipe
  • For PVC pipe
  • For Polyethlene pipe

Inserting Butterfly Valve IB


1.The purpose of the work is inserting a butterfly valve in the main under pressure.

2.The inserting divided tee is installed on the planned location on the main and butterfly valve is inserted under pressure using equipments such as the valve for work, the pressure resistant companion flange, the cosmo borer, and the inserting machine.


1.A butterfly valve approved by JWWA is used. (Conforming to JWWA B 138)

2.The valve, sliding parts, and valve operation parts comply with JWWA standard.

3.A manual or an electrical speed reducer can be attached.

4.For not less than DN 350mm, assistant valves can be installed. A drain or a cleaning system is available on demand.

  • Applicable pipe / Type
  • For casting iron pipe
  • For steel pipe
  • For hume pipe